Push your nerve and ability rescuing astronauts in the middle of the caos and dangers of space.

Hope 4 a settler transporter spacecraft, was traveling in hyperspace when it suffered a malfunction and returned to normal space, but the damage was so big that it exploded when it left hyperspace. The crew and passengers left the spacecraft in time, but were scattered across various sectors of the galaxy.

You're the only one close enough to rescue them, but your spaceship the Wanderer, is just a cargo spaceship, it does not have guns and in these remote sectors of the galaxy a lot of bad things can happen.

The survivors have a personal shield and the duration of the shield is the time that yo have to rescue them.

Star Rescue

Star Rescue
       Star Rescue

Design and Code by
Cesar Rodriguez

Art by

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Thanks to:
  • Flora Elida Gonzalez Tamez
  • Rogelio Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez
  • Osvaldo Rodriguez Cervantes
  • Aaron Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez
  • Cristina Rodriguez
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