Space Rescue X Fast paced arcade puzzle game set in space.

Hope 4 a settler transporter spacecraft, was traveling in hyperspace when it suffered a malfunction and returned to normal space, but the damage was to big and it exploded when leaving hyperspace. Fortunately there were survivors, but they were scattered across various sectors of the galaxy.

You're the only one close enough to rescue them, but your spaceship the Wanderer, is just a cargo spaceship, it does not have guns and in these remote sectors of the galaxy a lot of bad things can happen.

Space Rescue X

Space Rescue X

Space Rescue X screen 1    Space Rescue X screen 2   
How to play:
  • Touch the screen and drag the finger at any location of the screen to move the spaceship.
  • You don't need to touch the Spaceship to move it.
  • Touch the astronaut with the spaceship to rescue him.
  • The astronauts have a personal shield that can support ten impacts before loses all power.
  • If an astronaut gets hit and does not have his personal shield, him will die.
  • If you lose a survivor the mission is over
  • The gems give you extra points, also some items like fish, dog...
  • The number of hits left of the astronaut shield will be the points added to the player score. So the sooner you catch the astronaut, the better score you get.

Music by

  • Deep In Space.
  • Chiptuna Sandwich.

Thanks to:
  • Flora Elida Gonzalez Tamez
  • Rogelio Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez
  • Osvaldo Rodriguez Cervantes
  • Aaron Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez
  • Cristina Rodriguez

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