Crystal Matter
Humanity has expanded through the galaxy, thanks to crystals made of an unknown matter than provides high levels of energy.

The crystals are used by all the alien civilizations as a source of energy, so they are very sought after by all.

The crystals of matter appears as energized gems, to collect them you will need to shot them with an special gun that shots deep frozen lasers.

You'll earn points by collecting inert gems.

Space Rescue X     Space Rescue X

Crystal Matter Preview Screen 1

    Crystal Matter Preview Screen 2   

How to play:
  • Touch the screen and drag the finger at any location of the screen to move the player.
  • You don't need to touch the Player to move it.

Music by Alexander Nakarada

  • Chemical+Z+-+320bit.
  • Chemical+X+-+320bit.

Sound argh.wav by orginaljun

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